Northumberland Humane Society


Our OPSCA Investigators respond to a wide variety of complaints of animal cruelty and neglect, both minor and severe cases. In most instances, our OSPCA Investigators use the opportunity to offer their educational perspective on animal protection laws to avoid a repeat offense but in severe circumstances, the animals can be seized and the owners charged.

Look for these common signs of neglect or intentional cruelty witnessed by Ontario SPCA investigators:

▶ Wounds on the body
▶ Severely overgrown nails (often curling under) or hooves (often curling upwards)
▶ Patches of missing hair
▶ Extremely thin, starving animals with ribs or backbone protruding
▶ Infected eyes that have been left untreated
▶ Limping
▶ Animals who are repeatedly left alone without food and water. Often they are chained up in a yard
▶ Animals who have been hit by cars and have not received veterinary attention
▶ Animals who are kept outside without shelter in extreme weather conditions. Tropical birds especially cannot tolerate cold temperatures
▶ An owner kicking, hitting or physically abusing an animal
▶ Animals who cower fearfully or act aggressively when their owners approach
▶ Severe flea or tick infestations left untreated
▶ Animals left in a car on a hot or cold day
▶ Animals crammed into tiny cages in overcrowded conditions
▶ Abandonment (often when pet owners move or by unprofitable farmers)
▶ Reptiles with dull, darkened skin, tremors, gaping mouth and excessive saliva, or experiencing difficulty climbing
▶ Aquatic and amphibious creatures kept in tanks with murky water
▶ Illegal trapping of wild animals or animals left for extended periods in traps
▶ Excessive scratching of the head area, shaking of the head and dirt or discharge in ears indicative of a possible ear infection
▶ Chronic diarrhea or vomiting
▶ Animals kept in dirty conditions including being forced to stand in their own urine and excrement
▶ Swellings, such as tumors or abscesses, left untreated
▶ Rabbits with a severe head tilt
▶ Slaughter by untrained individuals

What you can do:

Please call 905-885-4131 or email or call your local police service (for emergencies after hours).
Please provide your name and a contact number to validate your concern. ALL information is confidential.