Northumberland Humane Society



Februay 8, 2014: Buddy - Adopted February 8, 2009

It was 5 years ago today that I came and met Buddy for the first time in the shelter . . . and took him home the next day. I can't begin to describe what he has meant to my family, and I think it was actually him rescuing us! He goes on 5 walks every day (a little shorter when it is really cold!), and is on his best behaviour when we take him anywhere. He has recently become our official greeter and friend at our church choir practice, and has trained 2 of our choir members to bring him treats (he's still working on the rest). His favourite words are "go" and "car" and he is always up for both. He loves going visiting! He has a soft spot and protective nature when it comes to people with disabilities, and always seems to know when someone could use a little attention from him (and he is happy to oblige). Thank you for matching us up and making us a family. I am forever grateful.



February 8, 2014 - Jayla and Liam (now Duffus) - Adopted October 2013

Since adopting Jayla and Duffus in October, there really hasn't been a real dull moment . They play and get along well together and chase after each other for hours. They are growing like bad weeds and maturing into a great pair of cats! Thank you for allowing me to adopt these cats!

Randy H.


January 7, 2014: Charlie (white and grey) - Adopted December 3, 2013

Dear Northumberland Humane Society,
We are so happy that Charlie joined our family on December 3, 2013. We were looking for a fun and energetic cat who would be a companion to Ambrose, a one-year-old cat we had already adopted from another shelter. We were also hoping that the same cat would be friendly and cuddly with us humans. Charlie fit the bill perfectly. He and Ambrose became best friends within a day of Charlie joining our household. They spend most of the day chasing each other, playing in their cardboard castle, watching the cheeky squirrels on their “big screen tv” (our picture window), and cuddling on one of their many cat beds. Charlie also loves napping on our laps and purring loudly while receiving belly rubs! He’s a happy little soul who makes us laugh every day with his antics. Thank you for taking care of all the animals in your charge and thank you most of all for allowing us to include Charlie in our lives!

Kassia and Wenfrid


December 20, 2013: Allie – Adopted quite some time ago

Dear Northumberland Humane Society,
Many years ago we adopted A German Shepherd lab cross named Allie. At that time she was somewhere between seven and nine years old. She and her brother had been at the shelter as puppies. She had been returned to the NHS as a seven or nine-year-old dog because she had separation anxiety and was destructive. We brought Allie home with us and from that day forward she has never shown any signs of anxiety (except thunderstorms).

She has grown very gray and she is pudgy around the middle. Her nickname is my PPP. That translates into my practically perfect puppy. To this day she spends every day with me running a horse farm and sleeping in the big bed at night. She used to love to lie in the snow but now wears a warm winter coat when she goes outside to lie in the snow. Miss Allie never fails to greet all of our customers and give kisses to all the children.

It seems like this is the timing year to let you know that our family wouldn't be the same without our Allie. Allie is still healthy and happy and we pray that she will be with us for many more years.Thank you to everyone at the Humane Society from all of Allie's admirers at Silver Lake Stables and the Tildesley family.



December 11, 2013: Scruffy (black and white) - Adopted December 2, 2013

Scruffy is a dear little guy with warm brown eyes and silky ears. As soon as I saw him and noticed how close in size and age he was to my other dog, I was smitten. Scruffy has adjusted quickly to his new home and really enjoys outdoor playtime with brother Bingo, also a 1 year old Terrier mix. Going for walks around town is a daily event and Scruffy is meeting all of Bingo's friends, both human and canine. Even Tonto, my 12 year old Devon Rex cat, has accepted Scruffy as the newest member of our household.


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