Northumberland Humane Society


If you own a pet that you are no longer able to provide care for or no longer wish to keep, the Northumberland Humane Society will accept animal surrenders. In return for this service, we ask for a small surrender fee to assist with the on-going care of the animal.

Before surrendering your animal to the Northumberland Humane Society we ask that you:
1) Attempt other adoption options that may include asking family members, friends, neighbours, etc if they are interested in adopting your pet. Nobody is better qualified to determine the best possible match for the animal than the owner!

2) If you are unable to find a good home for your pet, we ask that you please call or visit the shelter to inform us of the situation and to arrange a suitable time to surrender the animal. Notification of the animal surrender allows us to ensure that we will have sufficient space at the time of drop-off.

3) Fill out an Animal Surrender form for your specific pet and provide as much information as possible about the animal’s history

If you are considering surrendering your pet because of behavioural problems that you feel unable to deal with, we encourage you to seek advice and training to work with these problems before you make your final decision. Most behavioural problems arise because of miscommunication between the pet and the owner or when a certain need of the pet is not being met. If you are a dog owner, you may wish to visit the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers’ website to help find trainers in your area or seek advice from your veterinarian.

With some love, patience and effort many behavioural problems can be resolved and your once problematic pet can be transformed into a well behaved companion.

Cat Surrender Form
Dog Surrender Form
Small Animal Surrender Form